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Krazy about my Keurig!

I take my Keurig for granted. It’s there for me every morning, afternoon, and yes, evening to gift me my preferred blend of Green Mountain coffee. It sits next to me, in arm’s reach of my desk ready to serve at any given moment. With the touch of a finger, it brightens my mood as only it—and cake—can do.

In this house, coffee is the most essential of products. It guides me through my day.

Yesterday, after draining my second cup, I pushed the blue flashing button and . . . nothing. Then, a sigh of relief as it began to drip, hacking like a cat with a furball. My favorite mug received only a two-finger pour of the brunette boost.

Panic ensued, the same feeling I would get as a smoker when my pack depleted and I had no backup. I managed to prevail over that addiction. I’m not sure I could part with this one.

I reset my resolve and the Keurig and tried again. The flashing light signaled its readiness as I tried to mask my eagerness. Accompanied by the sweet sound of trickling liquid, the bitter aroma of crushed beans filled my kitchen. It finished with a steam releasing hiss, a sound I liken to bliss.

I began to think I should take better care of my motivational machine. Rest it, descale it, care for it. After all, until yesterday, it had never let me down.

I will. Yes, I will.


“If you choose to not deal with an issue,

then you give up your right of control over the issue

and it will select the path of least resistance.”

― Susan Del Gatto

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