Coming in 2022!

Shadow in the Sandpit Cover 1_edited.jpg

Shadow in the Sandpit
Sequel to the Award Winning novel 
A Picture of Pretense
reunites us with Bradley Whitman and friends—sixteen years later.



     A muffled rustling came from behind the overstuffed dumpster in a dank Boston alley. Bradley inched toward the dim corner. Filled with moisture and wrapped in stench, heavy air parted as Bradley wished for a sliver of sunlight to illuminate his path. He halted his advance and listened. Abruptly, the rustling stopped. Heavy breathing intensified from the corner followed by a throaty, intimidating rumble.

     Bradley reached for his Glock, but before he could relieve it of its holster, a large shadow lurched from the dark and raced toward him. The throaty rumble grew to a toothy snarl. The four-legged blur closed the gap fast. Instinctively, Bradley held his left arm in front of his face for protection while he fumbled with his firearm.

     He felt a breeze, unusual for the air-trapped alley, as the beast fled past him. And then a scream. Not animalistic, but human. He turned in time to see the large dog leap, fangs forward, toward the unknown figure behind him. The man fell in a heap as the dog tore the clothing from his arms and sunk his teeth into the man’s flesh. A gun skidded across the paved passage. Bradley retrieved the revolver from the ground and pointed it at the blood-soaked assailant.