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Welcome to the Sisters Speak wanna-be-podcast page! 
Hosted by sibling authors Paula Francis and Christine Noyes
We know nothing and want to share it!

Small Town Talk!  March 27, 2024

A special thank you to our guest, Brenda Anderson, from Small Town Discovery for joining us on this podcast! 

- Paula and Chris

February Love! 2024

Saying goodbye, saying hello . . .

and the love that's in between!

- Paula and Chris

Happy 2024!  Jan. 14 2024

Resolutions or Intentions? What's your plan for 2024?

- Paula and Chris

Happy Thanksgiving! Nov. 22, 2023

What are you grateful for?

- Paula and Chris

Self-Editing   Nov. 8, 2023

We were just wondering, "What if you could edit every word, thought, and action in life?"

- Paula and Chris

Angel Cards - Flexibilty/Clarity Oct. 27, 2023

"Our inaugural attempt of an audio podcast was so much fun that it runs for fourteen minutes! We apologize for the long-windedness but we just couldn't help ourselves. We will do our best to keep our banter to a minimum in the future. Thanks for listening!"

- Paula and Chris

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