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Businesses who wish to purchase through this website at wholesale prices are required to supply the following:

  • Company Information

  • Business License or Resellers Permit copy

  • EIN# and/or Sales Tax

  • Massachusetts businesses must include a signed MA-ST-4 Sales Tax Resale Certificate   (download MA ST-4 form here)

Resellers must have a brick and mortar business or a website approved by the seller and abide by strict minimum selling price. Seller reserves the right to discontinue sales to those who undercut the minimum price or do not conform to ethical business practices.

Fill out the form below. If approved, you will receive your order at standard wholesale pricing and terms. Call or email for details.  978-895-7214

Fill out form to apply for wholesale purchasing through this website.

Wholesale Information

email completed MA ST-4 to

Thanks for submitting! Order below!

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Haley's Publishing
488 South Main Street
Athol, MA 01331


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