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"A Big Al Bear Hug" is about to hit the shelves. The first book in the "Big Al Childrens Book Series" will be available on July 24, 2019. This is the debut for Bear Hug Books.

The book was inspired by my late husband, Al, who could make anyone feel better with one of his great big bear hugs. He was a kind-hearted man with a laugh that filled the room. His friends called him, Big Al.

Bear Hug Books will soon be offering more books, inspired by Al, and published through Haley's in Athol, Massachusetts.

I would like to thank Marcia Gagliardi of Haley's Publishing and my editor, Debbie Porter for all of their help and encouragement throughout this unfamiliar process. And to my family for being my sounding board, my critics and my staunchest supporters, I never would have attempted this if it weren't for your support. Thank you!

And finally to my husband, Al. I imagine you would be embarassed by any attention these books would have directed towards you, but I feel closest to you when I am sitting at my computer, creating a Big Al story or drawing. I think maybe you already understand this.

If you notice a resemblance to the character in the logo and the books, it was purely intentional.

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