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In Need of a Little Push!

I went for a walk today! For those who know me that is a big deal. I’m not known for my walking, that’s my sister. In fact, it’s difficult to get me out of the house. But today I decided to try something new, something healthy for a change. I took a walk around the outskirts of the campground I am living in for the winter. It’s a small campground, as campgrounds go, but it was enough to get my blood pumping, my hips aching, and my nose running!

Earlier in the morning I had asked my spirit guides (yes, I do that!) to help in losing weight and getting healthier. It’s been a lifelong struggle for me and, let me tell you, it doesn’t get any easier in your sixties. For me though, it’s mostly psychological. I've lost a lot and gained a lot before. So, it’s a matter of motivation and movement.

When I returned to my camper, and after blowing my nose, I checked the pedometer app on my cellphone, and it recorded only 350 steps. Trust me, the campground is not that small! I thought about going back out for another round but decided my initial walk was a good start on what may or may not be a journey (there’s that motivation issue creeping in).

Instead, I turned my computer back on, put my butt in the chair, and checked my email. I was expecting a package delivery today and an email informed me that the item had been delivered to the campground’s mailbox, not directly to my campsite as per usual. Ha, there was my answer. I would walk the extra fifty or so yards to the mailbox and retrieve my package.

I once again donned my sneakers, I never wear them inside, and felt good about adding to my step count for the day, whether my app recorded them or not. When I arrived at the entrance of the campground where the mailbox has always resided, it was gone. There was a large sign on the side of the road that said, mailbox is now at the bathhouse. The bathhouse. At the other end of the campground. Now, mind you, I had passed both of these spots on my initial walk and never noticed a new mailbox or the missing mailbox and large sign. I’m not a very observant person.

At least I had remembered to bring tissues with me this time.

I walked to the bathhouse and there stood a big, beautiful handmade mailbox with a compartment for packages on the left side and mail on the right. Jack and Denise, the campground owners, are very handy and artistic. How I missed it as I walked by earlier, I’ll never know, although I now suspect my spirit guides had something to do with it. On my way back to the camper, I noticed the old mailbox leaning against the maintenance building, again, in plain sight.

Be careful what help you ask for from your spirit guides. You may actually get it!

Oh, by the way, my cellphone app finally caught up with my steps. It still wasn’t a lot, but I’m sure my guides are working on that!

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