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Meet Your Maker Early Reviews!

As promised, Meet Your Maker, the third book in the Bradley Whitman series, is in the final stages of the publishing process and is now available for pre-order! Early reviews of the book have been nothing less than five star! For a quick synopsis of Meet Your Maker and reviews, read on!


On the eve of his 30th birthday, wheelchair bound FBI analyst Bradley Whitman’s life shatters. The limousine carrying his boss and six of his closest friends explodes on a Boston street. As his friends battle for their lives, Bradley, feeling responsible, battles to stay focused on capturing the perpetrator. But first he must identify which of the limousine passengers was the intended target.

An ex-con with a gambling debt, old school revenge, and a Hollywood movie production provide motive for escalating mayhem and murder that takes place in present day Boston.


If you love a gripping mystery sleuth thriller entwined with a heart-pounding tale of crime, guilt, love, loathing, money, death threats, and movie production, then Meet Your Maker by Christine Noyes is just what you should be looking for. Noyes hatches an intriguing plot, featuring an exciting cast. The spellbinding plot twists, suspense, and thrills accompanying the read kept me on edge. I loved how Noyes’ vivid depictions captured the nuances and setting of the scenes. It only gets better with the robust touch of humor in the narration. Reading the book felt like I was right there in every scene beside the cast, listening to them throw refreshing jibes at each other, talking, quipping, and watching them make their every move. Noyes depicts the emotions of the cast in a down-to-earth way, which had me going through an emotional rollercoaster as I connected with them. Agent Bradley is that intelligent, selfless, caring, ambitious, type of character you can’t help but like. This is a magnificent piece of work and I loved it.


Meet Your Maker by Christine Noyes is a compelling mystery with a colorful ensemble of characters, remarkably authentic writing, and a flawless investigation. This immersive crime novel takes readers into the heart of a challenging homicide investigation and culminates in a perfectly intense and thrilling ending. Noyes is notably ingenious in the construction of the plot and her ability to evoke emotions in the reader throughout the entire story. She has created a protagonist to root for all the way, one who does his best to solve crimes by the book and who cares deeply for his friends. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you biting your nails until the end. I would easily recommend this fantastic read to anyone who loves a good detective story.


If you are a fan of crime stories then Meet Your Maker is a must-read. The entire investigation is described in full, from the clues to the disappointments and the emotions of those involved. The ending brought tears to my eyes but put a smile on my face. Christine Noyes has given us Bradley Whitman together with an awesome cast of characters. I felt as though I was part of the case as each step was examined in great detail. The final pages which culminated in finding the killer were fascinating, and it was impossible to stop reading. Christine has combined crime, friendship, love, amazing FBI agents and so much more in this book. I am looking forward to reading more cases involving Bradley and his friends and co-workers. This is a crime genre winner.

To pre-order your copy now, CLICK HERE! Expected to ship February 2023!

To watch promo video, CLICK HERE!

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