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I am a procrastinator and a homebody. Those are my superpowers! I take my victories when I can get them! Today, for instance, my triumph was traveling 9.2 miles to pick up my prescription, which ran out two days ago. I also did two loads of laundry (it should have been one load, but I waited until every piece of clothing I own was dirty). That means that, on this day, I consider myself an overachiever. WooHoo, kudos to me! See how this works?

Being retired means I get to set my own schedule, then ignore it. It’s quite liberating and self-indulgent, until I put off going to the store for so long that I run out of toilet paper. Then it’s just sad.

Sometimes my procrastination works to my financial advantage. One time I drove for six months on an expired inspection sticker. It saved me 50% in inspection costs that year. (Add disclaimer here.) I don’t recommend doing this, however. It easily could have cost me a lot more in fines had I been caught.

I’ve tried to be better about procrastinating. But every time I think about improving my predisposition, I put it off.

This brings me to my point. I’ve been meaning to post a new blog for the last five weeks. You would think someone who spends most of their day sitting at a computer writing could easily spew three or four blogs a month. I’ve seen it done. I follow many writers on social media who do it. I’m just not one of them.

When not picking up prescriptions, laundering clothes, or searching for an alternative to toilet paper, I sit at my computer and sink myself into the lives of the characters in my novels. I don’t dawdle, dally, or defer. It’s where I love to be. I’ve been known to sit for twelve hours or more dashing off pages of prose—some of it good, some of it disposable, and all of it extremely self-indulgent.

I am currently working on writing book five in the Bradley Whitman series which will be published in sequence, but my latest conquest is a heartwarming romantic comedy that has me itching to write another (publication date unknown).

So, if you’ve procrastinated in purchasing A Picture of Pretense, you may want to do that now. The second in the series, Shadow in the Sandpit – A Bradley Whitman novel, will be hitting the shelves soon, in March/April 2022! Watch for the others to follow!

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