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When opposites clash at a Cayuga Lake campground, a 
misunderstanding prompts them to make a pact
not to fall in love.


Sixty-five-year-old Summer was ready to begin the rest of her life. A quirky soul, she lost 
her husband fifteen years prior and did not think she would ever find love again. Her goal? To travel and live her best life. And she took her gong along. 

Following his second heart attack after the death of his wife, sixty-seven-year-old Ted Winter receives an   ultimatum:  to retire and live a healthier lifestyle or his daughter would move into his house with her family to care for him.  Without his wife or his work, Ted’s ordered, 
and predictable days are behind him. 

Mishaps and miscommunication, lack of understanding personal boundaries, and love of food, infuse Winter Meets Summer with laughs, tears, and cinnamon buns.

Winter Meets Summer - PDF EBook

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