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An excerpt from the manuscript



by Vincent Vega

     I woke up and went to the bathroom. Then I walked into my kitchen and ate a donut. I had to get dressed then go meet a guy that wanted to do a job with me. I did. He was stupid. I told him your stupid. He coudnt even unlock the lock I brought him to unlock. Then I left.

     I ran into Jimmy after that. He said he knew a guy who had a friend who had a cousin who was married to a guy who could unlock locks. I told him to send him to the diner to meet me tomorra. He said ok. Then I said see ya. Then I had lunch.

     The next day I met Joey. I said hey. I threw the lock at him to see if he coud unlock it. He coud. Can you crack a safe to I asked him. He said yeah. I told him he coud work with me afta he did a job to proov he coud. I said he had to brake into the paun shop on Dorchester and open the safe. He said ok. Then he did that nite. That was a desent hawl.

     So I planned the fed bank job when I new I had a guy to crack the safe in case no one woud open it. Then I got some more guys to help. We took the locks out of the doors and then put other ones in. Then we took the locks to the lock guy and he made keys for um. Then we put the locks back. In the otha book it didnt tell ya we was in a Pontiac Grand Am. The movie has it rong to. Wasnt no caddy.

     So we wait til most all the guys left the place then we used the keys to get in and rob them. I didnt need Joey to open the safe cuz the guys in the room was way to scared. Then we left with the money. Boy the feds was stupid.

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