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Christine Noyes



Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

You can’t always plan where life will take you. That is certainly true for Christine Noyes. Growing up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts as a tomboy, she spent her youth building forts, playing sports and enjoying the perceived innocence of the 1960’s.

Not having a clear vision of what her life should be, she went where she was most comfortable, to the kitchen. Beginning her work life as a cook at her grandfather’s restaurant at the age of eleven, she spent the next several decades re-inventing herself, becoming an accomplished chef, a sales representative, an entrepreneur, and now a writer and illustrator. She never chose her professions, they chose her.

She married her husband and soulmate, Al, in 1989. They moved to Orange, Massachusetts where, after Al’s passing, Chris remains today with thirty years of wonderful memories to keep her company.

When not at her keyboard, she can be found in her kitchen: back to her roots and love of cooking.

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novel series #1

APOP Cover (2).jpg
5star-flat-web Readers Favorite close en
Paperback   $24.95

A Picture of Pretense
A Bradley Whitman novel


When strangers on a cruise ship share a dinner table, the menu calls for intrigue, romance, and danger - deception is the main course.

A shy, awkward young woman with an embarrassing anxiety affliction, a fashionable single woman looking for romance, and her sister, wealthy and married with doubts about her future are tasked with finding out the true identity of one of their tablemates: a handsome single man whose evasions spark suspicion.

"I loved this book! A Picture of Pretense has so much going for it – romance, intrigue, suspense, friendship, family dynamics and so much more.  The characters are well presented and the plot is fast-moving with touches of both fiction and  realism. Christine Noyes is a skilled author in creating a story that makes for so much enjoyable reading. I highly recommend A Picture of  Pretense for young and older readers and my hope is to see this as a made-for-TV movie."



by Trudi LoPreto

novel series #2

Shadow in the Sandpit
A Bradley Whitman novel

Paperback   $24.95

When a murderer moves in the shadows

you must commit to the dark.

A cryptic message attached to a dog’s collar sends FBI analyst Bradley Whitman into the shadows of an abandoned sandpit to investigate the heinous murder of a homeless woman. Who sent the message and why would someone want her dead?

Working with his longtime friend, now boss, Supervisory Special Agent Derek Richards, the case tests Bradley’s wheelchair bound physical limits, and challenges his notion he can save the world.

"Shadow in the Sandpit is a thoroughly engaging read with an intricately interwoven plot that keeps you guessing.  You’ll become totally involved with the believable characters. Whether you met Bradley as a precocious teen in Picture of Pretense or are meeting him for the first time as a successful FBI agent, you will be won over by his wit, intelligence and incredible ability to puzzle out and solve crimes. This is a must read for anyone who loves a great detective story."

Dr. Cynthia Crosson, author, LICSW therapist, minister

novel series #3

Meet Your Maker
A Bradley Whitman novel

Meet Your Maker cover with limo3.jpg

On the eve of his 30th birthday, wheelchair bound FBI analyst Bradley Whitman’s life shatters. The limousine carrying his boss and six of his closest friends explodes on a Boston street. As his friends battle for their lives, Bradley, feeling responsible, battles to stay focused on capturing the perpetrator. But first he must identify which of the limousine passengers was the intended target.

An ex-con with a gambling debt, old school revenge, and a Hollywood movie production provide motive for the escalating mayhem and murder that takes place in present day Boston. 

Paperback   $24.95

"If you love a gripping mystery sleuth thriller entwined with a heart-pounding tale of crime, guilt, love, loathing, money, death threats, and movie production, then Meet Your Maker by Christine Noyes is just what you should be looking for. Noyes hatches an intriguing plot, featuring an exciting cast. The spellbinding plot twists, suspense, and thrills accompanying the read kept me on edge. I loved how Noyes’ vivid depictions captured the nuances and setting of the scenes. It only gets better with the robust touch of humor in the narration. Reading the book felt like I was right there in every scene beside the cast, listening to them throw refreshing jibes at each other, talking, quipping, and watching them make their every move. Noyes depicts the emotions of the cast in a down-to-earth way, which had me going through an emotional rollercoaster as I connected with them. Agent Bradley is that intelligent, selfless, caring, ambitious, type of character you can’t help but like. This is a magnificent piece of work and I loved it."



by Keith Mbuya





Close Enough to Perfect

00001-Cover CETP.jpg
5star-flat-web Readers Favorite close en
Paperback   $19.95
Hardcover   $24.95
EBook        $7.00

a true story of love, grief, resilience & spirit

Close Enough to Perfect is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Chris and Al Noyes, married for twenty-eight years until tragedy hit on a commercial airline flight. The story speaks of soulmates, happy places, mental illness, adventure, and sorrow. A true story of love, grief, resilience, and spirit told with brutal honesty and emotion.


Author Christine Noyes has chosen to share a very personal and private journey with her audience, and this memoir does it in such a beautifully penned way that it feels like the reader is a party to the story from a very close friend indeed. The content itself is beautiful and heartfelt, allowing us into Christine’s highs and lows so that we may discover and relate on our own level to each instance. What results is a sometimes bittersweet but always grateful recollection of working hard together to achieve happiness and success.

-- K.C. Finn

Five Star Review

CETP Audio Cover 2.jpg
Big Al Bear Hug Cover.jpg

Little Jack is sad because he can't go fishing with his Dad.

Big Al makes Jack feel better and tells Jack he is not the only one who will be sad about missing their day together. 

Cleans the Park Cover.jpg

Mary Beth and Big Al come up with a plan to clean their neighborhood park so the kids will have a safe, clean place to play. But how will they keep it clean?

Big Al's Treasure front cover.jpg

Big Al takes Cole on an unusual treasure hunt. Their adventure includes solving riddles to get them where they need to be. Can you help them solve the riddles? And what treasure awaits them?

Missing Cooler Cover.jpg

She was playing a little joke on her Mom, but something went wrong. The cooler she hid behind the shack mysteriously disappeared. Follow along with this group of friends as they try to find the missing cooler full of food. Be careful not to judge too quickly.

Coloring book front cover with bottom te

The kids will have hours of fun coloring these 24 pictures inspired by the Big Al Book Series.

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